Cable Operators

Support for Cisco MSO’s / Cable Operators & Cisco Core Products

“Save 50% or More Over OEM Costs and Get Full Support for Products no Longer Supported by OEM.”

XSi provides better or equal service on the essential parts of maintaining Cisco equipment:

Support for EOL Cisco MSO / Cable Operator:

  • Cisco Digital Network Control System - DNCS V445 Platform
  • Cisco Gigabit QAM (GQAM)
  • Cisco RFGW-1 and RFGW-10
  • Cisco Prisma II Optical Transport
  • Cisco Optical Network System (ONS)

Support for Cisco Routers, Switches & Other Core Products:

  • Cisco ASR 9000 Series
  • Cisco ASR 900 and 1000 Series
  • Cisco 10000 Series SIP
  • All Catalyst Work Group and Chassis Based Switches

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And many more models!

MSO’s / Cable Operators who still use Scientific-Atlanta/Cisco SP Video/Cable Products may be struggling with keeping up with support after Cisco deemed the product End-of-Life (EOL) or Last-Day-of-Support (LDOS)

We support the following products:

Cisco Digital Network Control System
DNCS V445 Platform (Reached LDOS 8/31/2014) – high-performance server platform.

Cisco Gigabit QAM (GQAM)
(Reached LDOS 8/31/2017). Support for Scientific Atlanta video transmission devices.

Cisco RFGW-1 and RFGW-10
(RFGW-1 reached EOL 12/12/13 and LDOS 2/15/15 and RFGW-10 reached EOL 2/24/18 and LDOS 8/24/19) The Cisco RF Gateway Solutions provide high-speed and high-bandwidth data and video distribution at the edge of the cable access network.

Cisco Prisma II Optical Transport
(Various EOL dates from 6/10/2011 to 2/2/2018 and LDOS dates from 4/30/2017 to 8/31/2023) from Scientific Atlanta Prisma II Video Platform enables operators to use their Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network to take advantage of a viable, cost- effective IPTV video delivery solution. These products are the former Scientific-Atlanta Optical products, as opposed to the Cisco ONS products.

Cisco Optical Network System (ONS) Products
(Various EOL dates from 7/16/2007 to 12/23/2015 and LDOS dates from 7/14/2012 to 12/22/2021). We provide support for ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platforms for customers that do not have the budget or need to move to Cisco’s NCS Platform.

Cisco’s Aggregation Service Router 9000 (ASR 9k)
XSi created a split model for the ASR9K’s. The RSP cards and chassis stay under OEM support and the line cards stay under XSi support. Cisco TAC and IOS-XR updates remain in place for a cost effective full-service support model.

Cisco ASR 900 and 1000 Series Routers
These routers aggregate traffic streams for mobility, cloud network and video applications. Third Party Maintenance is available on the current ASR 1000 Series and for ASR 900 Series which reached EOL on some models starting 7/14/2012 with LDOS 1/31/2018.

Cisco 10000 Series SIP
Learn more how we offer annual cost savings on the Cisco 10000 SIP-600 high-performance, feature-rich SPA interface processor (SIP) that functions as a carrier card for shared port adapters (SPAs) on the Cisco 10000 series router. This is similar to the split model utilized for the ASR9K’s.

All Cisco Catalyst Work Group and Chassis Based
XSi provides support for most Cisco Switch Models and Line Cards with EOL starting in 2007 on some models.

For all of these products, XSi has extensive experience and offer:

  • Technical Assistance Center (TAC) resources
  • 4 hour and Next Business Day (NBD) advanced hardware replacement
  • Field Engineering (FE) services both Service Level Agreement (SLA) and available by dispatch request.