Channel Program

XSi is a leader in IT hardware and software maintenance providing OPEX savings to end-user organizations directly and through our channel partners in the U.S. and globally.

Our Channel Program includes:

  • OEM’s with 3rd party maintenance divisions
  • OEM Authorized Distributors
  • OEM Authorized Resellers & Business Partners (Commercial & Federal)
  • Federal Prime Contractors (IDIQ Contractors)
  • Independent Maintenance Organizations (IMO’s)
  • Independent Resellers

While there are many maintenance organizations that support servers and storage, what makes XSi unique is our specialty in supporting Network Equipment. We have the most network certied engineers in the industry.

Benefits for our Partners:

  • Private Labeled Portal
  • Larger share of the profit than OEM’s can provide
  • Provide significant savings to your clients
  • Bundle with OEM maintenance you sell under one contract
  • Extends your reach to a Global Support Operations
  • 500+ Certified TAC Support Engineers
  • Genuine parts traceable to the OEM
  • Add Network Hardware Maintenance to your portfolio including Cisco, Juniper, F5 & Brocade
  • 24+ year history with Federal & Global 2000 references
  • Faster response for your clients than OEM TAC Centers
  • Escalation to the OEM built into the contract
  • Contracts are simplified and easier to manage
  • Monthly reporting on renewals
  • Stay in charge of your clients maintenance purchases

If your organization is interested in joining our channel program, please contact our Channel Program today! 

Channel Program Contact

Doug Krueger
Channel Manager 
Phone: 703-755-0197

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