Since 1990, XSi has provided independent Data Center Storage maintenance to contain data center cost for NetApp, Dell/EMC, HPE, HDS and IBM.

Data Center Storage Maintenance to Reduce Data Center Costs

XSi provides independent data center storage hardware maintenance and support services for NetApp, IBM, Dell/EMC, HPE, Oracle/Sun/STK, Cisco and HDS (Hitachi Data Systems) to help lower data center cost (OpEx). Not all storage hardware assets require expensive maintenance agreements from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, so OpEx budget cost reductions, often averaging 60+%, are not only possible, but perfectly viable with XSi independent support.

Which data center storage hardware assets are eligible for XSi independent support?

Certainly, any storage asset that has reached or about to reach announced EoL or EoS milestone dates are perfect for lower-cost XSi support. However in many instances, most all storage devices that have reached post-warranty status and are in or near “stable state (with respects to patch updates),” may also be eligible for XSi data center cost reductions. Your team’s near-term or long-term planning (including contingencies) will play a significant role in a collaborative discussion with the XSi product management team, and the customized support solutions that are possible. With your objectives clarified, XSi proposed solutions will help strike the balance between OpEx savings and the stability of your production or non-production data center storage environment.

XSi is a strong proponent of enterprise data center storage lifecycle management, proactive and logical reductions in TCO, as well as thoughtful reductions in e-waste. Instead of single-focused strategies on the expensive tech refresh, XSi has designed a support model to maintain data center storage for as long as doing so is logical in your unique environment.

XSi Storage Maintenance: Features & Benefits

Independent maintenance from XSi to cut data center cost

XSi Service Summary

With guidance from XSi technical experts, a collaborative dialogue helps identify data center storage hardware that can be moved to lower-cost, independent maintenance from XSi – solid savings with no sacrifice to service quality! As a multivendor (OEM) and vendor-neutral maintenance provider, XSi can simplify vendor consolidation, establish coterminous support contracts, provide valid parts (ISO-certified) sparing, provide IMAC/SmartHands and secure ITAD services for current storage maintenance clients. If you’re seeking data center cost reductions, you’ll want to engage a discussion with XSi.

Independent maintenance from XSi to cut data center cost
Independent Data Center Storage maintenance from XSi

Storage Maintenance Features

  • 24x7x365 Call Center (US-based) and incident ticket portal
  • Multi-OEM trained, cleared field engineers backed by L3/L4 tech expertise
  • No-Wait-ServiceSM – support coverage guarantee for assets awaiting a formal addition to the contract
  • IT Asset Management Best-Practice Leadership
    • Progressive, Just-in-Case (vs. Just-in-Time) parts sparing
    • Custom-designed sparing models to match chosen SLAs
    • CMDB – Asset tracking with key milestone dates for entire install base, and customized reporting (ongoing data center cost reductions)
  • Call-home technology available on call-home capable data center storage assets
  • Recognized in Gartner-published research
Data Center Cost-Containing Data Center Storage Maintenance from XSi

XSi Benefits

  • Average 60+% savings for all eligible data center storage assets
  • Independent maintenance from a 30-year provider known for hardware maintenance and service quality thought leadership
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified for Product Resale, meets SAE AS5553 Standards
  • Trusted support provider to 42 federal agencies, including DOD
  • SLAs and SLA guidance to balance criticality with data center cost savings
  • CMDB with milestone date alerts so assets can be efficiently moved to less expensive independent support
  • Ongoing consultation – a real, two-way partnership to impact data center costs
Data Center Cost-Containing Data Center Storage Maintenance from XSi

Storage Devices Supported

NetApp Filers

  • F Series
  • R200 Series
  • FAS200 Series
  • FAS900 Series
  • FAS2000 Series
  • FAS2200 Series
  • FAS3000 Series
  • FAS3100 Series
  • FAS3200 Series
  • FAS6000 Series
  • FAS6200 Series
  • S & VTL Seires

NetApp Shelves

  • FC Class
  • DS14
  • DS14mk2-FC
  • DS14mk2-AT
  • DS14mk4-FC
  • DS12-ESAS
  • DS20-ESAS
  • DS4243
  • DS2246

NetApp StorVault

NetApp V-Series

NetApp IBM N-Series

IBM System Storage/Filers

  • N3000 Series
  • N5000 Series
  • N6000 Series
  • N7000 Series
  • XIV GEN2 Series
  • DS3300 Series
  • DS3400 Series
  • DS3500 Series
  • DS4000 Series
  • DS4200 Series
  • DS4300 Series
  • DS4700 Series
  • DS4800 Series
  • DS5100 Series
  • DS5300 Series
  • DS6800 Series
  • DS8000 Series
  • DS8100 Series
  • DS8300 Series
  • DS8700
  • DS8800
  • DS8870
  • Shark 2105 Series

IBM Shelves

  • EXN1000
  • EXN3000
  • EXN3200
  • EXN3500
  • EXN4000

IBM Total Storage

  • DS4400 (Intel & UNIX)
  • DS4500 (Intel & UNIX)
  • Enterprise Storage Server 750
  • IP Storage 200I

IBM Storwize

  • V7000

HPE StorageWorks

HPE 3PAR StoreServ

HPE XP (‘HDS’) Series

HPE StorageWorks Modular Storage Array (‘MSA’) Series:

HPE Virtual Array Series

HPE MSL Tape Libraries

HPE ESL Tape Libraries

HPE EML Tape Libraries


HPE VLS Tape Libraries

DELL Compellent

DELL EqualLogic

DELL PowerVault

EMC Celerra


EMC Connectrix

EMC Data Domain

EMC Isilon

EMC Symmetrix

EMC Virtual Tape Library




Cisco Storage Products

  • MDS 9500 Series
  • MDS 9700 Series

Hitachi AMS

Hitachi Freedom

Hitachi Lightning

Hitachi NAS

Hitaching Thunder

Hitachi USP

Hitachi VSP

Tape Drives

  • T10000 ABCD
  • T9840 ABCD
  • T9940 AB
  • T4490
  • T9490
  • T4480
  • LTO X
  • Sun StorEdge External LTO5 HH 1.5/3Tb SAS
  • Sun StorEdge External LTO4 HH 800/1600Gb
  • StorEdge External LTO2 400/400Gb Tape Drive
  • Sun StorEdge External LTO3 400/800Gb
  • Sun StorEdge External LTO4 800/1600Gb
  • SDLT 8000
  • SDLT 6000
  • SDLT 4000
  • Sun StorEdge External SDLT 600 300/600Gb
  • Sun StorEdge External SDLT 320 160/320Gb
  • SDLT220
  • Sun StorEdge External 20/40Gb Tape Drive
  • Sun StorEdge External DAT72
  • Sun StorEdge External DDS3 Tape Drive
  • Sun StorEdge External DDS4 Tape Drive
  • Sun StorEdge External DLT4000 20/40Gb Tape Drive
  • Sun StorEdge External DLT7000 36/70Gb Tape Drive
  • Sun StorEdge External DLT8000 40/80Gb Tape Drive
  • Sun StorEdge External LTO2 400/400Gb

Tape Libraries

  • SL8500
  • SL4000
  • SL3000
  • SL500
  • SL150
  • SL48
  • SL24
  • L700
  • L180
  • L80
  • L40
  • Sun StorEdge L20 Tape Library
  • Sun StorEdge L25
  • L280 Tape Autoloader
  • Sun StorEdge L1000
  • Sun StoEdge L7
  • Sun StoEdge L8
  • Sun StoEdge L9
  • Sun StorEdge C4 Tape Library

Virtual Storage Machine

  • VSM7
  • VSM6
  • VSM5
  • VSM4

Hard Drives

  • Sun STK-2510 Array
  • Sun STK-2530 Array
  • Sun STK-2540 Array
  • Sun STK-2540-M2 Array
  • Sun STK-2510 Expansion Drawer
  • Sun STK-5320 Array
  • Sun STK-6140 Arrray
  • Sun STK-6180 Array
  • Sun STK-6540 Array
  • Sun STK-CSM200A Expansion Drawer
  • Sun STK-L180 10D
  • Sun STK-L180 2D

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