Need market insight into the third party maintenance space? XSi and Gartner's newsletter has you covered. 


Gartner released "Market Guide: Data Center and Network Third Party Maintenance Providers" [ID: XXXXXX] by analyst Christine Tenneson lays out how end users can deploy third party maintenance to the best of their advantage. XSi's newsletter with Gartner discusses how your organization can take advantage of blending white box switching with third party maintenance to your benefit. The newsletter includes the following items: 

  • What is third party maintenance? 
    • Third party hardware maintenance is an alternative to OEM-based support at any point in the hardware lifecycle. It is delivered by an organization that is considered a non-OEM company. In most but not all cases, third party support contracts will be equivalent to or better than the offerings of the OEM in terms of SLAs and inclusions.
  • What is white box switching?  
    • White box switches refers to the ability to use ‘generic,’ off-the-shelf switch hardware with a custom software or purchaseable standalone software. 
  • Why blend white box switching and third party maintenance?  
    • Blending white box switching with third party maintenance contracts can sigifnicantly reduce costs for non-strategic IT spend. It offers more flexibility for your organization in terms of technology and in budget. Within this newsletter, we outline five benefits of blending white box switching and third party mainteance for any organization. 
  • What sets XSi apart from the competition?
    • Multi-vendor 
    • Cisco, Juniper, F5 Networks, Brocade/Foundry, Extreme/Enterasys, EMC, HP, Hitachi, and many more
    • Experience in the Federal Government, retail, telecommunications, and many other verticals
    • Specializing in Network Maintenance
    • True Hybrid Model with Escalation to the OEM available
    • Involved in making a change: a board of directors member of, an organization formed in 2013 to secure the rights of consumers and businesses to repair, reuse, and to have freedom of choice in who repairs and maintains their devices
    • Subcontracting provider for our competition in LATAM
  • World-class Channel Program
    • Quickly expanding with reputable and expert partners in LATAM and North America
  • Worldwide Support
    • LATAM 
    • Europe 
    • North America 
    • Asia/Pacific