Holistic Maintenance Program


We analyzed technical support and changed it for the better.

We revolutionized an archaic, siloed, and OEM policy driven approach to maintaining IT assets. XSi's Holistic Maintenance Model was developed by network and supply chain experts. We examine the lifecycle of IT assets, and determine which models fall in the following three categories:

  • OEM maintenance
  • Hybrid maintenance model with our services backed by escalation to the OEM and OEM software updates for bug fixes
  • Third party maintenance where XSi's support meets or exceeds all OEM requirements (View OEM Model Numbers we support)

XSi takes a customer-focused view on maintenance. As a product matures, the OEMs increase maintenance costs at an escalating rate in order to force product replacement. XSi never raises prices for support and believes technology road map requirements should dictate technology refreshes and not the OEMs need for new product sales.


We analyze your IT asset base to determine the coverage requirement for each asset. With this approach, your organization can achieve the maximum amount of savings with increased performance and capabilities.


 The model below represents the categories assets reside within:



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