• Gartner:

    Smart Alternative to OEM Maintenance & Support

    Hardware maintenance is increasingly being considered as a "nonstrategic IT" spending and procurement, with the result being that IT professionals are seeking low-cost alternatives to expensive OEM contracts and pricing.


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  • Accenture: The quality of third-party support options continues to increase, offering not only significant savings potential, but better global coverage.

    Optimize Your IT Structure

    The quality of third-party support options continues to increase, offering not only significant savings potential, but better global coverage.


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  • Forrester: In a day and age where IT budgets are already tightly constrained, third party maintenance is freeing up IT capital to be used to grow businesses.

    Deploy Next Gen Technology without Sacrificing Stability

    In a day and age where IT budgets are already tightly constrained, third party maintenance is freeing up IT capital to be used to grow businesses.


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Why Choose XSi? 


Public Sector Expertise 

24 years federal contracting experience and performance history with over 40 agencies.

Our services are available through Alliant, CIO-SP3, NETCENTS 2, DHS EAGLE, SEWP, GSA, HUBZone & SDVOSB


International Coverage 

AdvancedTAC™ Centers in Oklahoma City, London, Paris & Berlin.

International sales offices in D.C., Atlanta, Ottawa, London, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.


Technical Expertise

Network of 500+ cross trained, OEM certified engineers across 50+ currently supported manufacturers (300+ are certified on networking equipment)

Just how much can you save?

We are offering a Free Analysis of your Current Maintenance Costs and Agreements for your organization. See how much you can save from your current annual IT maintenance budget!

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What our clients are saying about us

“The fact that XS International had so much federal experience, and the fact that they worked through GSA Schedule, really helped with the purchasing folks,” stated Mike Sellers, IT Operations Manager for the Hollings Marine Laboratory Division of NOAA. “They have their rules, and XS International makes things easier for us by playing by those rules.”
"The process at both locations was great. Both the customer and Access systems was very pleased with the effectiveness [of] the job. First off, the subcontractor was able to get the job done in record time. The customer [US Treasury department] could not have been happier...”
Zaree Ali, Project Manager for Access Systems, Inc.
Gamania_Digital“We received all the servers from the Virginia Equinix datacenter yesterday in Hong Kong. Everything worked when installed in the Hong Kong datacenter and you guys did a brilliant job for Gamania!  You guys put a lot of effort into our project and we are happy to had worked with you.  You worked very hard and delivered everything ahead of schedule.  Thanks for supporting Gamania. It was our pleasure to work with you guys.”
Ken Lee, Gamania Digital Entertainment (US) Co., Ltd
The Walt Disney Company
Investment Company Institute
Server and Network

XSi solves the rising costs of IT maintenance by providing a simplified, customer-friendly solution for the Procurement and Technical teams while significantly reducing O&M expense for IT Budgets.

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