A Cost Effective Blend of OEM and Third Party Maintenance


"Manufacturer's Annual Maintenance Costs are just too Expensive!"

As equipment goes through it's life-cycle there is no reason all of it requires Manufacturer support.

XSi's Hybrid Hardware Maintenance options help you save on average 60% off manufacturer's list price by combining manufacturer support on critical items and Third Party Maintenance on others.

How Does a Hybrid Service Contract Work?

Complete Coverage
  • Devices that require coverage by the Manufacturer will be through authorized channels.

  • Devices that have free OS updates are covered by a combination of XSi and the Manufacturer.

  • Devices that are past OS updates are covered under XSi's Third Party Maintenance.

  • All under one contract!

Expert Service
  • One number to call for both TPM & OEM Support.
  • Manufacturer Certified Engineers.

  • 24/7/365 Technical Assistance Centers.

  • 600+ Global Forward Stocking Locations.

  • Average 8 Minute Response on Priority 1 Calls.

Maximize Your Budget
  • Save on average 60% Annually (Gartner indicates manufacturers make 80-90% profit on maintenance - so it's easy to understand how we can price the way we do!)

  • No annual increases like the Manufacturer.

  • Refresh on your time schedule not because of end-of-service dates.

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