Hybrid Maintenance Services

The XSi Hybrid Maintenance Model is a Blend of Third Party Maintenance backed with OEM Support.


OEM equipment that is not "proprietary," cutting-edge or which requires perpetual software "upgrades" are all eligible products for XSi's Hybrid Maintenance Model. These products may require software "updates" for bug fixes which only the OEM can provide. In addition, when a case cannot be resolved by major release and code needs to be writte, only the OEM can provide the fix. XSi's Hybrid model includes direct access to the OEM in order to download updates as well as guaranteed escallation to OEM Tier 4 if needed.



XSi's Hybrid Maintenance Model is available for most OEMs and can offer 40-60% savings over OEM's deepest discounts while providing superior support and failsafe which only the OEM can provide.

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