IMACD or IMAC from XSi – Data Center or Network Hardware Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes

XSi Hardware IMAC Lifecycle Services
– Installs, Moves, Adds & Changes

Hardware installs, moves, adds and changes (IMAC) are a set of tasks that enterprise IT teams regularly perform to keep computing (networking, servers, data storage, UPS) equipment up-to-date and aligned with internal user requirements. Such tasks can be cost-effectively outsourced to XSi’s globally deployed (and cleared) hardware technical experts, relieving internal tech teams for higher priority tasks. Or, will often be used to save internal teams from the travel time associated with visits to offsite Disaster Recovery locations, branch or remote locations.

IMAC may refer to a small alteration, such as upgrading a single network switch, or to a large and involved upgrade such as decommissioning servers in one location and recommissioning and configuring those servers in another location. IMAC is a commonly used term in network administration where incremental changes occur quite frequently. However, XSi recognizes that such tasks also occur in the data center environment where internal staff may be stretched thin or unable to fully address the requirement within the desired time window.

Common IMAC Requests

  • After purchase of pre-owned servers/storage, full installation until deemed fully operational by your staff.
  • OS installations, when proper authority is granted, on servers/storage along with patch updates installation, as per the agreed upon project plan.
  • Network switch/router installs and full configuration.
  • Shutdown and move (or decommission) a single server/storage asset (or group of) to a new location onsite, across town, across country. Then, re-install through to it being deemed fully operational by your staff.
  • After consultation and agreement, deploy changes to hardware assets to meet objectives for efficiency, cost containment, greater security or resiliency.
  • Have a unique requirement? Just ask.

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