How a Major Bank Saved Over 65 Percent on their IT maintenance through Third-Party-Maintenance Solutions

Top 20 Financial Institution customer had over 500 Cisco Switches (network equipment) that were nearing the product's End-of-Life (EoL). Cisco’s list price for maintenance and support for the customer-requested service level agreement (SLA) was over $25K per device, equaling to a list price of $12.5M. The same SLA was approximately $13K per device only two years earlier. Due to the burgeoning cost, the client decided to hire a third-party-maintenance solution to manage their network assets.

Large Federal Agency Achieved Over 25% Reduction in Annual IT Maintenance Costs with XSi

The client is a large Federal agency that is highly reliant on their IT infrastructure (network, server and storage) to deliver services to the citizens it supports.


The agency’s primary goal was to:

  • Significantly reduce annual maintenance costs, while maintaining or increasing the level of support provided for their mission critical Cisco infrastructure.
  • Contract XSi to provide annual support services for a large percentage of their Cisco asset base (Cisco is the primary vendor comprising the client’s infrastructure)

XSi’s support services include:

  • XSiAdvancedTAC™ services for configuration and troubleshooting support
  • Service level agreement (SLA) hardware support
  • Field engineering services for repair of failed equipment

XSi’s services exceed:

  • OEM SLA levels within all aspects of the provided service with faster response times on support calls (including Tier III support)
  • On-site spares
  • Staffed by highly trained professionals within the United States.