XSi bundles Reactive and Proactive Monitoring with Management to prevent downtime and speed implementation.


24/7/365 Coverage from our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) provides the optimal outsourcing solutions.

Managed Services

Complete Device/Network Monitoring and Management
Managed WiFi
24x7 Help Desk
Design, Deploy and Manage Unified Communication Systems

Monitoring levels

Level 1:
Ractive Monitoring
  • Leverages tools that do very basic monitoring only:

    • IP Address Ping

    • SNMP Capabilities

    • Agent or Agentless

  • If device does not respond, Alert is generated

  • NOC Attempts to resolve remotely if access is available

  • Often requires a dispatch:

    • Delays Device Availability

    • Requires tethering to device for further diagnostics

Level 2:
Proactive Monitoring
  • Leverages tools that provide more advanced monitoring capabilities:

    • Same IP and SNMP Monitoring as Level 1.

    • Adds device specific capabilities based on the Manufactures specifications (not just standard SNMP, but access to such items as log files or native device command line access.

    • Agent/Probe access required with Administrative Credentials Necessary

  • Provides direct remote access to the device (provided the device is powered on and available on the network)

  • Most alert Resolution can be performed remotely.

  • Dispatch only required for “dead” devices.

  • Supports Desktops, Servers, Network Infrastructure Devices.

Level 3:
Monitoring and Management
  • Provides all of the capabilities within Level 1 & 2.

  • Adds advanced monitoring and Management Capabilities that includes:

    • Application Monitoring (Application Dependent).

    • Database Performance Monitoring

    • Basic Security and Log file Monitoring.

    • Application Deployment and Distribution

    • “Self Healing” technologies (via PowerShell Scripting)

    • Automated Patch Management

    • Scheduled Maintenance Windows

    • Advanced Threshold settings

    • Automated Dispatch capabilities (Alerts can be directed to email, TXT, or “Apps”)