NCTC Agreement


XSi was chosen as trusted supplier by The National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) to provide a negotiated rate on Third Party Maintenance to their 750+ independent cable/broadband operator members.

The main focus of the services provided are for Cisco related Video products and Cisco Routers, Switches and other core products:

Support for EOL Cisco MSO / Cable Operator:

  • Cisco Digital Network Control System - DNCS V445 Platform
  • Cisco Gigabit QAM (GQAM)
  • Cisco RFGW-1 and RFGW-10
  • Cisco Prisma II Optical Transport
  • Cisco Optical Network System (ONS)

Support for Cisco Routers, Switches & Other Core Products:

  • Cisco ASR 9000 Series
  • Cisco ASR 900 and 1000 Series
  • Cisco 10000 Series SIP
  • All Catalyst Work Group and Chassis Based Switches

NCTC Members who still use Scientific-Atlanta/Cisco SP Video/Cable Products may be struggling with keeping up with support after Cisco deemed the product End-of-Life (EOL) or Last-Day-of-Support (LDOS)

For all of these products, XSi has extensive experience and offer:

  • Technical Assistance Center (TAC) resources
  • 4 hour and Next Business Day (NBD) advanced hardware replacement
  • Field Engineering (FE) services both Service Level Agreement (SLA) and available by dispatch request.
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