XS International adds over 60,000 products to schedule, leads way in alternative Cisco computer tech support.

by LyntonWeb HubSpot on June 10, 2009

XSi Maintenance provides enterprise-quality, cost-effective aftermarket sales, maintenance, and support to all major brands

Dateline - XSi Maintenance, a leading provider of Cisco-quality third party maintenance and support, consulting services, and refurbished IT systems for organizations like the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Marine Corps, announces the addition of more than 65,000 individual items to their current GSA-approved schedule of goods and services. Of the 65,000 items added to the schedule, 30,000 are alternative Cisco maintenance options. The remaining 35,000 items are alternative options for major computer manufacturers such as IBM, HP, and Dell.

This expansion includes hardware and computer tech support for:

  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Switches

“We’re continuing to succeed and expand in this market because there is a real need for alternative hardware and maintenance in the government market,” says XSi CEO Todd Bone. He added that “The major computer manufacturers are simply too big and slow to provide the prompt, value-conscious goods and services that many agencies need. By adding thousands of items to our schedule, we’re bringing even more enterprise-grade support to groups that are facing continual pressure to reduce cost while maintaining service.”

XSi's schedule expansion is significant because many government agencies are questioning the effectiveness of maintenance plans and computer tech support from companies like Cisco and IBM. At every level of the government, agency leaders often find that major manufacturers are slow to respond to maintenance requests, which can seriously damage their ability to provide consistent service to citizens. XSi guarantees prompt service, often dispatching technicians within minutes, so service is restored quickly.

Federal IT managers are also frustrated that that support plans from the larger computer companies consume inordinate portions of their overall IT budget. XSi offers enterprise-grade alternatives to major manufacturer plans, for up to 40% less than the competition, providing a real alternative for dissatisfied management.


XS International is a leading IT services company, specializing in IT maintenance for equipment found in the datacenter, including: enterprise servers, networking, and storage, as well as high performance computer clusters.

XSi was the first company awarded a GSA Schedule (GS-35F-0751M dates 2002 to 2012) for refurbished IT equipment and cross platform third party maintenance including Cisco networking. For more information, please visit http://www.xsinternational.com or call 1.800.256.6133.