XS International more than doubles Cisco hardware maintenance contracts as Cisco announces drop of 48%

Alternative to Cisco SMARTnet® vendor celebrates 20 year anniversary with increased sales in Federal Government, other markets

<Dateline> - XS International (XSi), the provider of Alternative to Cisco SMARTnet® support, maintenance, and new and refurbished legacy equipment for Federal Government organizations like the DOD and NOAA, announces an increase in Alternative to Cisco SMARTnet® contract sales at the outset of their 20th operational year. After analyzing Q4 numbers, XSi determined that Federal Government contract sales of their Alternative to SMARTnet® maintenance contracts more than doubled over the last 12 months, and that overall sales have increased 60%.

The increase in contracts and purchases from government sources comes as contract and hardware sales at major OEM providers continue to drop. Cisco, for example, reported in November that their state government contracts and purchasing are down approximately 48%. After the dramatic drop in business was announced, Cisco share prices dropped almost 17%. Shares for Dell, IBM, and HP decreased as well.

XSi attributes their continued success to 20 years of providing high quality, varied support at costs that are 20 – 40% lower than the competition. XSi technicians maintain certifications from major OEM providers, including Cisco and IBM, but have no brand bias. With over 76,000 SKUs on their GSA Schedule, XSi can provide a variety of hardware and software support under a single contract.

“As State and Federal Governments continue to face budget constraints in another tough revenue year, many are realizing that large computer manufacturers do not always provide the best value in hardware and software support,” says XSi CEO Todd Bone. “We're proud to expand our support to organizations that need cost-effective IT maintenance and support, and thankful for the organizations that we have worked with over the last 20 years.”

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