XSi Extends Support on Legacy SGI Computer Systems Through 2029

by Todd Bone on June 19, 2018
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XSi extends support for HPE legacy SGI (Silicon Graphics) Equipment through 2029.

XSi (XS International, Inc.) a global leader in IT Maintenance Services for high-performance computers, visualization systems, enterprise servers, storage and networking equipment, announced with the coming end-of-service dates approaching for the SGI IRIX based legacy systems by HPE (Formerly Silicon Graphics, Inc., SGI, sgi), that it will continue supporting SGI installations with annual maintenance contracts and parts sales through 2029.

 “As an HPE Business Partner with twenty-seven years’ experience with SGI IRIX legacy equipment including SGI Altix, Origin, Onyx, Tezro, Octane2, Fuel and SGI Storage; XSi is in a unique position to provide support for this legacy equipment for the next decade,” said Todd Bone, President of XSi. “XSi has been providing Third Party Maintenance on SGI systems for Federal Agencies, Government Prime Contractors, and Corporations since 1992. We made a significant investment in inventory to fulfill the demand from our current clients and are working with HPE as a business partner to help those customers that simply can’t refresh this equipment, some until 2029. So, we are committed to supporting them!” 

About XSi: 

XSi was founded in 1990 and is an ISO9001:2015 Certified Company with headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia. The company provides IT Maintenance, Custom Logistics, SmartHands and IT Asset Disposition Services. Support is available 24/7 Globally with access to over 600 forward stocking locations. XSi was highlighted in the last two Gartner Third Party Maintenance Reports.

SGI Legacy Sales Contact: Russ Watson | rwatson@xsnet.com

 Media Contact: Todd A. Bone | tbone@xsnet.com

Topics: SGi Maintenance, SGI Legacy Support

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