Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance

Service summary

North American clients can achieve the OpEx savings of Third Party Maintenance while maintaining 100% compliance with OEM entitlements and licensing policies. XSi provides clients a simplified method to achieve greater cost savings while ensuring compliance and deploying ITAM best practices. Clients contain their annual SMARTnet spend without the complications of managing a self-sparing policy. In addition to industry-leading contract management and TAC support, XSi manages the complicated and time-consuming details of parts logistics for you.


Service Details

  • XSi Provides a detailed SMARTnet contract analysis to identify additional opportunities for risk-free, 100% compliant OpEx savings.
  • Commitment to partnering with your Cisco VAR. Permits on-demand onsite inventory for temporary projects and changes.
  • XSi coordinates the transfer and shipment from your storage facility to ours.
  • Upon arrival, we test all assets and record: Cisco’s EoL date, EoSW date, EoS date.
  • Check entitlement status for each Cisco system, securing the proper entitlement (documenting) where necessary.
  • All logistics – shipping to forward stocking locations to fulfill your requests/needs and SLAs
  • XSi’s best-in-class SaaS CMDB system, tracks real-time parts consumption, replenishment advisories, eligibility for removal from SMARTnet, and any other details you request.

Service Benefits

  • 100% compliance!
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Online data/reports, exported: easily sortable by location, systems under SMARTnet (or TPM), milestone dates.
  • OpEx reduction, the ability to shift OpEx to CapEx, and long-term CapEx reductions.
  • Frees-up staff from managing entitlements, spares processing, and managing project inventory.
  • Eligibility for lower-cost TPM support is found in advance, planned for, and acted upon further reducing OpEx.
  • Cisco warranty replacement processing, testing, added to your inventory management system and re-allocated to our forward stocking locations.
  • Secure, insured inventory dramatically reduces shrinkage due to spares usage without use record.
  • Eliminates waste from unused/excess assets.

products supported

This service is designed for all Cisco systems; however, we can replicate this model for Juniper, Brocade, F5 Networks, Extreme, Riverbed, ADTRAN, Enterasys, Dell, HP, Huawei, Arista, Avaya, 3Com, Nortel and Siemens.

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