The Smart Alternative to SGI Support & Maintenance


XSi contracts often include a blended solution of independent support programs and OEM maintenance programs for multiple vendors under one contract.

  • Support for all Legacy Silicon Graphics Systems

  • XSi has serviced over 10,000 SGI Systems Worldwide

  • 24x7x365 Support Next Business Day Contracts

  • 24x7 Telephone technical support

  • IRIX Support

  • Parts repairs/exchanges

The following is a list of SGI Systems We Support:

HPC/Visualization Systems
SGI Altix 4700
SGI Altix 3700
SGI Altix UV
SGI Origin
SGI Onyx
SGI Tezro
SGI Octane

All SGI Legacy Storage

We also buy and sell SGI Systems and Parts (Contact Us)

Service Level Agreement

Areas of service

Global Technical Assistance Centers

  • Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

  • Sao Paulo (Brazil)

  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  • Santiago (Chile)

  • Lima (Peru)

Global Service Areas

  • US & Canada

  • Key Western European Markets


SGI Milestone Data

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