XSi Smart Hands (or SmartHands) or on-demand Remote Hands service for data center or networking hardware.

XSi SmartHands
On-Demand Tech Expertise

XSi SmartHands provides onsite technical expertise and support for any server, data storage, networking or UPS hardware projects or requirements. XSi SmartHands is available 24x7x365 and is often relied upon by clients for minimally staffed branch or remote offices. SmartHands eliminates the need to hire full-time, expensive technicians for temporary or very short projects. Alternatively, it’s a helpful solution when your own expensive technical staff are unavailable or unable to complete the project in the timeframe you require. While simple SmartHands projects can be coordinated in an on-demand format, XSi can deploy SmartHands experts for larger projects when such may require a dedicated project manager.

Think of XSi SmartHands as a way of extending the capabilities of your existing technical staff, yet doing so simply and without impact to your staffing budgets.

Rooted in your choices and your needs, XSi SmartHands technicians are available to any location of your choice, with the skillsets you require with an arrival/completion that meets your timeline objectives. In most instances, XSi will work with clients to establish a formal Statement of Work, then prepare addendums for ongoing projects expected to arise.

Common SmartHands Requests

  • Tech visits to remote/branch offices to troubleshoot known issues or check on assets which are not call-home capable.
  • Technical assistance to your tech teams for the timely completion of any server, storage, networking or UPS project.
  • Technical leadership for short-term projects which your staff are unable to address in the timeframe desired or required.
  • Technical support during your staff’s vacations, leaves or following a retirement and before you’ve hired the replacement.
  • Assistance throughout the timely deployment of a new technology for which company executives have grown impatient (e.g. Cisco VoIP).
  • Remote Hands are also available as you define, deem necessary and are able to provide remote access.
  • Have a unique requirement? Just ask.

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