Independent Data Center Hardware Maintenance from XSi, with Data Center Infrastructure Management

Specialty IT Services for
Hardware Infrastructure

Independent and OEM-neutral, XSi provides hardware maintenance for data center and networking hardware assets, most often that are post-warranty, Eol (End of Life) or EoS (End of Support). With its hardware-focused expertise and technical infrastructure, XSi offers additional specialty services and have developed one new Cisco hardware service – the first of its kind in the global marketplace.

  • XSi Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance: First to offer this solution, reduces SMARTnet spend yet assures 100% entitlement compliance
  • IMAC: On-demand (project-based) hardware Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes
  • SmartHands: Although hardware-focused and project-based, can include lengthy projects, needs beyond IMAC, tech expertise at branch and remote sites.
  • ITAD in LATAM: XSi provides hardware take-outs and secure IT Asset Disposition for Latin America’s enterprise IT departments.
  • Healthcare IT: XSi has specialty experience and IT services for the healthcare marketplace. XSi is a Premier contracted supplier.
  • Custom Requests: XSi leadership and Subject Matter Experts welcome unusual needs that require custom solutions. Just ask.

Why XSi

Reducing SMARTnet Spend for Cisco Hardware

Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance

If you’ve been considering options to reduce your Cisco SMARTnet spend and are rightly concerned about entitlement risk created by traditional independent support methods, XSi’s Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance service provides the solution. This unique service creates per-asset transparency for Hybrid Support coverage selection, designs a compliant sparing model then manages logistics & ticketing, while providing ongoing milestone alerts for per-asset ability to move to our compliant & lower cost, independent support. Click Here to read more.

Reducing SMARTnet Spend for Cisco Hardware
XSi IMAC Services – Hardware Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes

Hardware Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes (IMAC)

From time to time, IT Ops staff may need an extra hand, or proven tech expertise to help with special projects. Optionally, there may be instances when management needs those staff to remain focused on more critical business drivers, so reliance on external expertise makes sense. XSi’s technical experts (distributed nationally across North America) can help with simple hardware installs (usually pre-owned hardware), staying onsite until it’s running perfectly. Or, physical hardware asset moves (single asset or multiple) to another room, floor, or location in another city, remaining onsite until it’s running perfectly. Same is true with hardware/component additions or changes – tech staff remain onsite as technical leaders, or a resource, until you deem the additional or changed hardware to be operating perfectly. Click Here to read more.

SmartHands for Data Center or Networking Hardware

Smart-Hands – On-Demand, Onsite Technical Expertise

There are few limitations to what can make up a SmartHands project, but all are project-oriented, require server hardware, data storage hardware or networking hardware expertise (i.e. break/fix, FRU replacement, troubleshooting, branch or remote site visits, etc.). When considering your special projects, timelines and workloads, ask XSi if a SmartHands or more custom solution would be helpful. Click Here to read more.

SmartHands for Data Center or Networking Hardware

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