Third Party Maintenance and Legacy Equipment Support


For many assets, Third Party Maintenance is either the Best Solution or the Only Solution


For many organizations with enterprise IT infrastructure, deciding how to support legacy and next-generation systems while managing the transition from one to the other requires careful planning and analysis. To add onto this very complex problem, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) dictate when to upgrade IT infrastructure instead of the organization taking charge to meet their technical requirements, budget constraints, and time. 


The fact is legacy, End-of-Life (EOL), and End-of-Service (EOS) products still represent a significant proportion of many organization's infrastructures. They provide key capabilities that have not yet been perfected in next-generation replacements and/or they are the product of significant investments. Everyone understandably wants to get the most out of these past expenditures and keep capital expenses (CapEx) to a minimum.


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XSi’s Third Party Maintenance & Legacy Support is available on most major OEM brands at up to 50% OPEX savings.

XS International (XSi) can help clients' drive their own IT Road Map and dictate their own time frame for upgrades. OEMs will try to drive organization's annual IT budgets by increasing maintenance costs annually on average by 20 percent and dictate a much higher increase after the product's End-of-Life (EOL or End of Hardware Sale) announcement. XSi's cost will stay the same and we offer up to 50 percent off list price (up to 50 percent off the first year of maintenance cost from OEM) for all third-party-maintenance assets.


XSi will never increase your maintenance costs like the OEM. 

XSi also offers hybrid services which entail IOS upgrades on a need basis and OEM escalation for stable assets that qualify. For more information on Hybrid Maintenance Services, click here

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