Large Federal Agency Achieved Over 25% Reduction in Annual IT Maintenance Costs with XSi


The problem – Overview:

The client is a large Federal agency that is highly reliant on their IT infrastructure (network, server and storage) to deliver services to the citizens it supports.

The agency’s primary goal was to significantly reduce annual maintenance costs, while maintaining or increasing the level of support provided for their mission critical Cisco infrastructure. In particular, this agency contracted XSi to provide annual support services for a large percentage of their Cisco asset base (Cisco is the primary vendor comprising the client’s infrastructure). XSi’s support services include XSiAdvancedTAC™ services for configuration and troubleshooting support, service level agreement (SLA) hardware support, and field engineering services for repair of failed equipment.

XSi’s services exceed OEM SLA levels within all aspects of the provided service with faster response times on support calls (including Tier III support), on-site spares, and staffed by highly trained professionals within the United States.

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