How Third Party Maintenance Programs Are Reducing IT Expenditures

Average Business Spends 6.4% of its annual revenue on IT expenses. Let us help you maximize it.

IT Maintenance and Support consists of a $10B market in North America.

IT maintenance and support contracts are BIG business for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who account for 80 percent of the maintenance support market.

According to Gartner, 80 percent of total IT costs occur after the initial purchase. This is primarily due to high maintenance costs imposed on an organization by the OEM.

Within this white paper you'll learn about:

  • How you can lessen your IT expenditures by maintaining assets under third party maintenance on:

    • Equipment has reached End-of-Software-Updates (EoSW)

    • Equipment has reached End-of-Support (EOS)

    • Equipment that is entitled to free IOS updates to third party maintenance

  • The approach and benefits of Third Party Maintenance

  • Why industry analysts are encouraging organizations to utilize third party maintenance

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